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  • I lived at Lincoln Villa Apartment for more than a year. The apartment is spacious and clean. Maintenance is timely and great. The management is fabulous particularly the new manager Toni Lewis. Toni is an experienced manager who is always welcoming and responsive. It is great to have Toni and you can reach her for emergency at any time. I highly recommend Lincoln Villa Apartments

    Adnan A.

    Lincoln Villa
  • I am living here in Lincoln Villa Apartment for 2 1/2 years. I am very happy having Toni as Manager. She is a Wonderful person, and, an excellent manager.She takes a wonderful care of the building, and the people who lives here. She is very special and kind. she always greet as with smile and a verynice attitude, She is always on time at the office, always answer phone calls, and she resolve the problems as soon as possible.

    Ana Margarita Sanchez

    Lincoln Villa
  • This place is very nice and always nice people around including my neighbors. The apartments are wonderfully remodeled with a compltely new kitchen, andbathroom and this place has a super nice staff! I like this place becasue it's across 101 from my work @ BioMarin. For being a small quite area, there'severything you could ever want within walking distance. Grocery stores, schools, parks, hiking trails, and a lot more. I have no plans on moving anytimesoon!

    Anthony M.

  • My friend and I moved in to the Villa Aprtaments into a 2bd/2b about two months ago. There's no space issue whatsoever!  The great thing about movingin was that all the carpets were replaced and all the walls were repainted! not to mention there were new countertops in the kitchen and vanities inthe bathroom. Moving in to a clean apartment was so nice, the roomie and I are so grateful for all their hard work!

    Thanks Lincoln Villa!


    Christine F.

    Lincoln Villa
  • I want to thank you, for Tina, Sean and myself, for the prompt, efficient and thoughtful way you handled the replacement of our water heater and repairsto the ground floor hall ceiling. When I reported the leak, you responded immediately, found the source of the leak in under a minute and went right towork expertly assessing the damage and ordering the necessary work.

    David H.

    Sonoma Mission Apartments
  • I like how clean and welcoming the apartment I moved into was! Very spacious bedrooms and beautiful counter-tops!

    Fallon R.

    Ignacio Gardens
  • I have been living in Lincoln Villa for many years. There have been several managers over the years who have come and gone. HANDS DOWN our current newmanager Toni Lewis is the best we have ever had since I have been living here. The building is always clean. If you have a problem with your unit,she is on it. Any issues you have are dealt in a timely manner. She is always pleasant and available to you in her office if you need to meet withher. After hours, if there is an emergency, she always answers your phone call and makes sure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. She hasyears of experience and knows what she is doing. Toni is like a breath of fresh air because she is actually around to help when you need her insteadof only being available to you when the rent check is due.


    Kandy W.

    Lincoln Villa
  • My husband and I lived for 7 months in the smaller Sonoma apartment complex off Broadway. This location is also managed by Michael, who is second to nonein his role as property manager -- professional, responsive, and down-to-earth. David, who had recently been hired on-call to address any issues withthe apartment, was just as professional and responsive; for example, on Thanksgiving we ended up with a clogged kitchen sink, and David put off joininghis family in SF for a couple of hours and helped us clear up what could have been a holiday calamity.

    We really enjoyed our time at the Sonoma apartments on Broadway -- updated amenities and great location that's within easy walking distance to thequaint downtown area. When we had to transfer to SF before our lease was up, Michael was more than helpful in laying out our move-out options.Would absolutely look here first if moving back to the area!

    Lauren F.

    Sonoma Mission
  • I thoroughly loved living at Oakhill in Gerstle Park! The apartment building was quiet, serene and very well maintained. I had a gorgeous view from my apartment...with the autum foliage!

    Leslie W.

    Oakhill Apartments
  • My apartment on the third floor was terrific...large and bright, with a wood burning fireplace. With views of the tree covered hills...spending time on the deck was very relaxing!

    Lewis W.

  • Of the inexpensive apartment communities in Novato, Ignacio Gardens should be on anyone's list to check out!

    Lorenzo P.

    Ignacio Gardens
  • I live at Ignacio Hills and have for some time. I love it there. My apartment is beautiful, the grounds are like living near a park. The manager has alwaysbeen very helpful and very attentive to the needs of the tenants. The buildings and grounds are well maintained. The manager makes sure it is a quietand safe place for adults and children to live. I could not think of a better place to live on Marin

    Lynne B.

    Ignacio Hills
  • Awesome Apt on whole nova albion way, neat and clean
    Management is always open to help you.


    Prafulla P

    Albion Terrace
  • When looking for an apartment for my boyfriend and I, safety and security was number one priority. Every single tenant that passes you by, whether you'reinside or out in the parking lot, says hello to each other. Um HECK YES for community! Toni makes everyone feel welcomed and she truly cares for allof her tenants. She takes her own time to build a rapport with everyone, while keeping on top of whatever needs to addressed or fixed. She is by farthe best landlord that I have ever had. She makes this place feel safe and secure every single day. What more can you ask for a landlord that trulyand genuinely cares for her building and tenants.

    Shelby D.

    Lincoln Villa
  • I looked at 9 different locations in San Rafael before finally choosing Lincoln Villa. First at the top of my list was feeling comfortable and safe atthe residence. I wanted a place near Grocery Stores, restaurants, and convenient stores. Finally, I work in SF so I also wanted easy access to theFreeway since I commute daily.  After looking at all my San Rafael locations I decided on Lincoln Villa...


    Sonia S.

    Lincoln Villa
  • Wonderful place to live, well managed and maintained. Really good people and very low utility bills. Love the pool.

    Spencer H.

    Lincoln Villa

    The complex manager, Michael Elmore, is an outstanding individual. In my search for a rental here in Sonoma, I have met no one with a better knowledgeof the property he was showing. I mean down to the smallest detail!

    Polite, helpful, knowledgeable, the trifecta of customer service!


    Thomas S.